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New TV Series: Whodunnit? (2013-) Projected 4 Stars

Just watched the first 3 episodes of ABC’s new reality show “Whodunnit?” and it is actually very good.  What makes this reality show good is that it doesn’t feel like one.  The participants are always performing a task which minimizes boring socialization.  In “Whodunnit?” there are 13 guests to live in an old mansion with […]

In Theaters: Now You See Me (2013) 3.5 Stars

I went to see “Now You See Me” at Patriot Cinemas in Hanover last night and there was a surprising UPGRADE in the theater…new cup holders.  What a joke.  The place smells terrible and their seats have had gum on them from 1996, you’d think they would put whole new seats in but that will […]

Just Watched: Argo (2012) 4.5 Stars

Yes, I know what you all are thinking, “how can you just be seeing this now?! you’re a damn film studies minor!”  Listen, I saw the trailer before it came out and saw Ben Affleck with a beard and a 70’s haircut.  At that moment I was out and I didn’t want to turn back. […]