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Previously Watched TV Series

Fitch’s list of shows previously watched that he stopped watching either by natural course, cancellation, or loss of interest:


LOST (ABC 2004-2010) – 4.5 Stars

Awake (NBC 2012; cancelled) – 4 Stars

666 Park Avenue (ABC 2012-2013; cancelled) – 4 Stars

FlashForward (ABC 2009-2010; cancelled) – 3.5 Stars

Touch (FOX 2012-2013; cancelled) – 3 Stars

Alcatraz (FOX 2012; cancelled) – 3 Stars

V (ABC 2009-2011; cancelled) – 2.5 Stars


Entourage (HBO 2004-2011) – 4.5 Stars

Two and a Half Men (CBS 2003-2011; Charlie Sheen gets tossed) – 4 Stars

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO 2000-?; 2 year hiatus) – 4 Stars

Seinfeld (NBC 1990-1998) – 4 Stars

Whose Line is it Anyway? (ABC 1998-2006) – 3.5 Stars

Chuck (NBC 2007-2011; story line shift) – 3.5 Stars

A lot of the drama’s I watched came post-LOST, following the actors in their new endeavors, and many were promising, but lacked the support to continue.  Awake had an outstanding plot that was extremely interesting where a detective experiences a fatal car crash where his son died, but upon waking up the next morning he is alive and his wife was the death from the accident.  He lives in two parallel universes that are filmed in different tones and he cannot figure out which is real, but uses one world to solve murders in the other and vice versa.

666 Park Avenue features a young couple moving into a mysterious hotel run by LOST actor, Terry O’Quinn.  The special effects and suspenseful scenes kept me interested, but could not keep the show afloat, being cancelled just half a dozen episodes in.  However, it was cancelled in time for the producers to re-write the ending so that fans like myself aren’t left wondering what could have been.  These final four episodes air in the US starting June 22.

For comedy, it is easy to give a high rating to a show if it performs its overall duty: to be funny.  Entourage has a feel of a high production TV series, but is full of comedic value and memorable quotes.  It follows an actor and his friends, including his brother whom is also an actor but past his prime, along adventures of good times, bad times, and many parties.  The series sort of dragged towards the end, and HBO ended production after an 8th season announcing that there would be a movie to end the plot for good.  This movie is still rumored on IMDb.com but Kevin Connolly, who played Eric in the series, tweeted a picture of the script just a few months ago.

Two and a Half Men is one of my favorite shows of all time mainly because it is easy to throw on any episode and enjoy it fully.  There are story lines that pass from one episode to the next, but it is very simple to jump right in and find yourself laughing before the opening credits.  After season 8 Chuck Lorre, the writer and executive producer, kicked off the shows main actor Charlie Sheen after drug controversies.  Filling his role is movie star Ashton Kutcher, having now appeared in 47 episodes.  2.5 Men is still one of the most watched shows on television and continues to air on CBS, but is not the same without Charlie and not nearly as hilarious as it once was.


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