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New TV Series: Whodunnit? (2013-) Projected 4 Stars

Finally a good reality show.

Finally a good reality show.

Just watched the first 3 episodes of ABC’s new reality show “Whodunnit?” and it is actually very good.  What makes this reality show good is that it doesn’t feel like one.  The participants are always performing a task which minimizes boring socialization.  In “Whodunnit?” there are 13 guests to live in an old mansion with the butler, the host of the show, Giles.  Every day, a guest is murdered (staged, but pretty realistic) and the remaining guests must attempt to solve the extravagant murder.  The killer is among them but nobody knows who it is, or if it is them self.  Everyone gets an option to visit one of three places for 30 minutes; the morgue to examine the body, the crime scene, or the last known whereabouts.  Since each person can only visit one place, they must converse with the other guests to gather a full story.  Some choose to be honest in return for reciprocal honest information, while others choose to lie or withhold information to heighten their own chances at solving the murder the most correct.  After the guests share/lie/not share information, Giles the butler gives the guests a riddle to solve that will give the last details of the murder needed, but once a guest (or pack of guests) solves the riddle, a bell rings and just those that solved the riddle can examine the last clue while the others return to the dining room.  Guests get a short time to converse again and come nightfall, each person must enter a room alone and give their full theory of the murder including which guest in the house they believe is the killer.  During dinner, Giles arrives and announces which guest was best at solving the murder which makes them “spared” from the next murder.  The remaining guests receive letters and open them one-by-one revealing if they are “spared” or “scared.”  There are 2 or more “scared” guests, meaning that one of them will be murdered next.  The episode ends showing the next murder the guests will have to solve.  “Whodunnit?” was viewed by 4.05 million people during its pilot, 3.20 million during its second episode, and 2.99 million this past Sunday.  I don’t see this series getting cancelled this season, but viewership must steady out around 3 million or it will not return next season.  Check it out On Demand for yourself and enjoy.


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