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New TV Series: Under the Dome (2013-) Projected 4 Stars

The Dome is not as visible as this poster makes it out to me

The Dome is not as visible as this poster makes it out to be

Got to watch the highly anticipated new CBS drama “Under the Dome” adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same title the other day and it didn’t disappoint.  The series is slated for just a single 13-episode season, but there are rumors that it may be extended.  This is odd seeing that if they are somewhat true to the novel and the story ends after 13 episodes, what happens next? Anyway, if you end up watching the pilot (and I recommend you do) make sure you do not miss a second, especially the first few minutes.  In a small town, an invisible force field comes down slamming, creating an earthquake like reaction and also slicing a cow in half, which is incredibly gross and is on the screen for way longer than it should.  But that is the point of the plot, unusual things happen in this small town, and the $hit is about to hit the fan.  Dean Norris, Hank from Breaking Bad, leads well acted cast along with Mike Vogel (Bates Motel, Cloverfield, She’s Out of My League).  The series has no risk of getting cancelled because after 13 episodes, it (most likely) ends.  The second episode airs tonight on CBS at 10/9c.  Enough time for you to go On Demand and watch the pilot before tuning in later.  3,252 users on IMDb.com rate it 8.1 (good for a TV Series) and Fitch projects it to be 4 Stars upon completion.


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