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In Theaters: The Internship (2013) 4 Stars

The critics look too much into The Internship; take it for what it is: FUNNY

The critics look too much into The Internship; take it for what it is: FUNNY

Another matinee showing yesterday but this time I went to Braintree AMC Theater and saw The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  The price was relatively high for a mid-day screening at $8.75 per ticket, but is well worth it because of their new recliners, speakers, screens, and 4K projectors.  Also, their regular price is unbeatable at just 10.50 per ticket.  The Internship follows two men in their forties, Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell, as the company they sell watches for crumbles and ceases to exist, leaving them old and unemployed.  They apply for a summer internship at Google which makes for a very unique plot.  It has been 7 years since Vaughn and Wilson paired up in Wedding Crashers and the beginning of the film actually feels like they are on their way to crash a wedding.  If you look up other reviews online you will see a lot more negative reviews than positive and I don’t understand why because I really enjoyed the film.  Vaughn and Wilson have great chemistry and are hilarious in this PG-13 film that feels like it should be R rated.  Seeing Google headquarters is astonishing and all the young adult actors chosen were very talented.  Quick-witted as expected, The Internship is sure to fill you with laughter and satisfaction.  The critics are wrong on this one, 4 Stars from Fitch.


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