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In Theaters: Now You See Me (2013) 3.5 Stars

I went to see “Now You See Me” at Patriot Cinemas in Hanover last night and there was a surprising UPGRADE in the theater…new cup holders.  What a joke.  The place smells terrible and their seats have had gum on them from 1996, you’d think they would put whole new seats in but that will never happen.  Anyway, Now You See Me has received mixed ratings from critics; 42% on rotten tomatoes and 3 stars from rogerebert.com.  I was pleasantly surprised with the acting; Jesse Eisenstein is quick-tongued as usual, Woody Harrelson is charming, Mark Ruffalo is extraordinary, and Isla Fisher proves that she can be much more than a stage 5 clinger.  Big names such as Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine seemed to be unnecessary since their quotes are very high and their roles were fairly minor.

Seen in the trailer, Atlas switches the cuffs from his wrists to Rhodes'.

Seen in the trailer, Atlas switches the cuffs from his wrists to Rhodes’.

Continued: SPOILERS

The cinematography of this film may make you uneasy at times due to the fast paced camera movements and quick cuts.  However, this technique is only used at times but is always risky.  Changing the camera techniques throughout a film are a normal thing, but the timing of them are what’s important.  In the beginning, the changes are pleasant to the viewer, but near the 2/3rds mark they become distracting.  Director Louis Leterrier created Transporter 1 and 2, The Incredible Hulk (the Edward Norton one), and Clash of the Titans, all big action movies.  Now You See Me is more of a thriller than an action film, with much more dialog and important actors, so Leterrier’s normal form had to change a bit, which is noticed.

In the film, an FBI detective and Interpol detective hunt down magicians that have been brought together by a hooded figure forming “The Four Horsemen” whom, during live performances, rob a bank and steal from their benefactor.  They do not keep the money for themselves, but rather give it to their deserving crowds.  The action is based around a game of cat and mouse and the audience is clearly supposed to root for the magicians, with speculation of a fifth horseman hiding in plain sight.  All of the stunning magic performed by the four horseman are explained and visualized throughout the film leading up to a surprising ending that even I did not see coming.  The worst part about this film was the love interest that made absolutely zero sense.  No sparks flew and there was never enough screen time to build any time of relationship never mind a romantic one where a life threatening secret is on the line.  I gave this film 3.5 Stars because although it was good and I enjoyed it, it could have been better and the attempt at a love story ending was pointless.


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